FIVE FIVE Weddings

by FIVE FIVE Media Co.

"Artists Who Truly Care"

When a family sees their images and films from the wedding day, they shouldn’t think of us,

or about how cool the photo is, or how artistic the film is.

The thought should be:

“I remember this moment, it was special because __________________.

It immediately brought me back to that amazing part of our story.”

Yes, the photos and films should be a masterpiece, but the primary goal is to compassionately serve as we document a story. 

The Beauty of a Complete Story

Hi there!

We are so glad you stopped by. Chances are, the ring is on your finger with an awesome proposal story to go with it, the date is just about finalized, the venue confirmation is next on the list, and you’re looking for a team of trust-worthy artists who are both fun and compassionate. Isn’t the wedding planning process both exciting and daunting? We get it, because we’ve been there-and now we’re here for you. 

There are hundreds of decisions to make that will perfectly express the personality and culture of the two families that will soon be one. 

Our team here at Five Five Media Co. comprehensively documents weddings with genuine PHOTOS, FILMS, and GRAPHIC DESIGNS so you can be present on your day and cohesively illustrate your story.


The Five Five Media Co. Team

Ellen G
Matt and Holly have a nack for catching meaningful moments...they seems to truly understand the significance of what is taking place as 2 people celebrate joining their 2 lives together surrounded by loved ones. This understanding enables them to capture moments other photographers may miss.

Ellen G
Destiny B
I was lucky enough to be a part of the wedding that Holly and Matt of FiveFivePhotos photographed and videotaped. They captured such amazing moments that day. Not only did the pictures and video turn out amazing, but they are the nicest of people. It was so fun dancing the night away at the wedding and feeling like they were enjoying themselves and dancing right along side. I also was able to reach out to them to get copies of pictures and felt very comfortable speaking with Holly after the wedding. I highly recommend them!

Destiny B

Because your story is worth it

Yes, every little detail is worth documenting.